Ceva in Australia

Ceva Animal Health Pty Ltd is the AUSTRALIAN subsidiary of the Ceva Group.

Ceva Animal Health is based in Glenorie, New South Wales and employs over 70 members of staff, both in its head office (administration and manufacturing) and as a sales force across Australia and New Zealand.

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Our address is:

11 Moores Road, Glenorie NSW 2157  Tel: 02 9652 7000

With the acquisition of Nature Vet in 2010 and Delvet in 2008, Ceva markets pioneering animal health products in the livestock, poultry, equine and pet sectors including:

  • Australia's leading behaviour products – Adaptil™, formerly known as DAP, for dogs and Feliway® for cats
  • A range of Locomotion products for horses (Tildren, Pentosan Equine, Halo, Joint Guard), dogs (Pentosan 100, Joint Guard) and cats (Joint Guard)
  • The reproduction product Regulin® for sheep

Ceva are committed to carrying out research and trials to improve veterinary knowledge. 

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