Business and scientific partnerships

Ceva Santé Animale works with an extensive network of business and scientific institutions worldwide.

By fostering partnerships with universities, institutes, private and public research centres, Ceva is not only able to keep up with the latest advances in research, but also to expand and diversify scientific knowledge.

We do not believe that anyone has a monopoly on knowledge. In order to find the best solutions today, we have to look across the globe to find real pockets of excellence. That is why Ceva's own internal research is spread around the world. Beyond that, we recognise that strategic alliances with external partners are essential to stimulate and complement our own research and development.

A good example of how partnering with scientific institutions has paid off is Ceva’s development of the vaccine COXEVAC. With the backing of the French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) and the Nantes Veterinary School, Ceva developed the new vaccine against Q-fever, which is one of the major emerging zoonoses in Europe.

Such business and scientific partnerships have given Ceva the invaluable opportunity to collaborate with leading specialists in the various fields we work in, allowing us to continually hone our own skills and expertise in order to develop the very best products for our clients.

Ceva's CEO, Marc Prikazsky, has described scientists as the worlds "new entrepreneurs".  Should you have a business or scientific idea that you wish to develop independently and/or in collaboration with us please contact us through:

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