Products for management of aspects of breeding in mares and fillies.


Readyserve is an oral progestagen (Altrenogest) for management of aspects of breeding in mares and fillies.

Altrenogest induces a hormonal state resembling pregnancy by mimicking the action of endogenous progesterone. Treatment with altrenogest blocks follicle development and oestrus in non-pregnant animals by suppressing cyclical release of gonadotrophins.  Pituitary inhibition rapidly declines upon cessation of treatment and follicle development and ovulation rapidly returns. In pregnant animals, altrenogest supplements the natural progesterone levels. Treatment with altrenogest assists regulation and management of the breeding cycle and pregnancy in mares and fillies.

Altrenogest can assist for the following indications:

1.  For regulation and control of the breeding cycle of mares:
  a) To induce ovulatory oestrus early in the breeding season in  mares where some follicular activity exists;
  b) For the suppression of oestrus either during prolonged oestrus or in normally cycling mares;
  c) For the control of the ovarian cycle in breeding mares to allow the most efficient use of the stallion.

2.  For the maintenance of pregnancy in habitually aborting mares, or mares at risk of early embryonic death or abortion, where progesterone deficiency is thought to be the underlying cause.

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