Treating your horse with a reliable and effective worming program will help protect their health and keep your horse in top condition.

What you need to know about horses, worms and AMMO®

How can AMMO Allwormer Paste for Horses help?

AMMO contains two ingredients to provide highly effective eradication of the major clinically important intestinal worms, plus lung worms, skin worms and bots.

Regular worming with AMMO will minimise parasite burdens in your horses and allow them to maintain optimal growth, health and performance.

What makes AMMO Allwormer different to other allwormers on the market?

AMMO combines two effective worming agents, Abamectin and Morantel Tartrate. The combined action of these two active ingredients allows Ammo to kill the major types of internal parasites.

What about resistance issues?

AMMO provides a 'safety net' to minimise the possibility of roundworms and Strongyles developing resistance to Abamectin while Morantel Tartrate targets tapeworm and works together with Abamectin to kill other worms, minimising the chances of resistance developing.

Do I need to rotate my wormer?

All horses should be included in a regular parasite control programme with particular attention being paid to mares, foals and yearlings. Because re-infection is common, treatment must be repeated routinely for effective control.

Ceva Animal Health has put together an easy rotational plan for you and your equine partner. It is as easy as using AMMO Allwormer one year and AMMO Rotational Wormer for Horses the next year!

Why AMMO Rotational Wormer for my horse?

Ammo Rotational Wormer is a palatable, broad spectrum benzimidazole (BZ) group anthelmintic with a wide safety margin for use in horses including foals, yearlings, stallions and pregnant mares. It has been specifically chosen by Nature Vet veterinarians to be the most effective rotational option when combined with AMMO Allwormer. AMMO Rotational Wormer is effective against intestinal nematodes of horses of all ages. AMMO Rotational Wormer is well suited to be an alternative wormer in a rotational parasite control program.

How often do i use AMMO?

The most intensive treatment program, and to maintain effective levels of parasitic eradication is to worm every 6-8 weeks with AMMO Allwormer and rotate to AMMO Rotational wormer after 12 months. To control bots and tapeworms during this period it is best to give AMMO Allwormer twice in the months of Spring and Autumn for eradication no matter what year it is.

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