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Your horse's appearance, ability to perform and general health and vitality can be affected by lack of knowledge and understanding.

Ceva Animal Healths expert veterinarians have written comprehensive and reliable articles on topics such as horse performance, horse education and horse care. Ceva Animal Health also strives to provide you with the most up-to-date information on general equine education and horse health.

Please review our article on supplements for horses in work as horses that are exercising and competing regularly require optimal diets to ensure that all the essential nutrients are supplied.

The article on joint diseases in horses provides education on how mild joint problems can adversely affect many aspects of your horse’s performance. This article provides background information on the disease.

If you require repeated optimal horse performance, this article provides information about optimising muscle recovery after exercise.

If there is a particular topic regarding horse performance, horse education and horse care you would like to see online please contact us.

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Ascarids Effective Treatment...

Effective treatment of abamectin and ivermectin resistant ascarids in horses and foals.

Seedy Toe - White Line Disease

White line disease is characterised by a separation of the inner hoof wall at the white line.

Supplements - muscle function, tying-up and recovery

In order to function properly, muscles require an optimal supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

Vitamin, amino acid and mineral supplements for horses

Nutritional supplements are indicated for horses where the daily nutritional requirements of an animal are not being met due to stress, illness, parasitism or otherwise. Indications also include inappetence, dietary insufficiency and low blood count.

Ergogenic Aids

How Ergogenic Supplements help muscles to work more efficiently

Good Red Blood Cells 

Red blood cells and how dietary supplements can maximise their production

Inflammatory Airway Disease in Horses

Inflammatory airway disease in horses; Signs, diagnosis and management

Joint Disease

Joint Disease in horses; Signs, diagnosis and management

Muscle Recovery

Optimum performance from your horse = maximum recovery of your horses muscles following exercise

Natural Anabolics

A number of natural substances have been shown to have an effect on the chemistry of the body to produce an increase in muscle growth, similar to the effect of anabolic steroids

Ulcer Disease in Horses

Ulceration of the stomach in horses causes pain and can result in loss of performance

What are Amino Acids

A short description of what amino acids are and how supplementation with certain amino acids can assist in maximising the response to exercise training

Worms in Horses

Worms and your horse; Signs, diagnosis and management

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