General FAQ's

Some of the more frequently asked question on Ceva's equine range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pentosan 100 and Pentosan Equine?

Pentosan 100 is indicated for use in dogs and contains 100 mg Pentosan Polysulfate per mL. Pentosan Equine for Horses is more concentrated at 250 mg Pentosan Polysulfate per mL so that a 500 kg horse only requires a 6 mL dose.

How do Diurex™ and Furosemide products compare as a Diuretic?

Furosemide would have a greater diuretic effect than Diurex and is prohibited in racing in many countries.

What is the "Omoguard® 2-Syringe Test"?

If gastric ulcers are suspected in horses some vets will recommend trial treatment with 2 syringes of Omoguard Paste. If a positive response is seen during this 12 days of oral dosing with 5 mL daily for a 500kg horse then it is very likely that ulcers were present and treatment should continue. If no response is seen then it is less likely that ulcers were to blame and further investigation should be undertaken.

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