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Enzyplex Powder for Dogs

Digestive enzyme supplement to help increase the digestibility of food

Enzyplex enzyme complex for dogs SDS (Aug2016).pdf


Amylase 210 IU/g
Protease 140 IU/g
Lipase 1440 IU/g

Also contains: Bentonite, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate


• May help increase digestibility of food
• Aid in reducing faecal odour and fluid bowel motions
• Assist in controlling the signs associated with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in dogs

The digestive enzymes in ENZYPLEX help break down food elements into digestible components, and improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. ENZYPLEX commences digesting the moist food as soon as it is added, and continues to function following digestion.

The "carrier" powder is bentonite, a rare, earth clay which enhances the function of the enzymes. It slows the passage of nutrients through the intestine, and improves nutrient digestibility. It also alters bacterial fermentation ability in the large bowel, reducing flatulence and improving stool formation, as well as binding bacteria and endotoxins, helping to normalise gut function and prevent diarrhoea.
Sodium bicarbonate acts as a buffer, protecting the enzymes in the stomach and neutralising the hyperacidity in the duodenum.
Calcium carbonate assists the buffering, and provides a source of elemental calcium.

Key Features & Benefits:

• contains digestive enzymes, bentonite, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.
• helps reduce malodorous, semi-fluid faeces and intermittent diarrhoea.
• assists with digestion of food and improves nutrient availability and absorption.


ENZYPLEX is indicated in conditions which include:


Weight loss, increased appetite


Malodorous, semi-formed faeces and intermittent diarrhoea


Inappropriate or deficient diets, where improved nutrient conversions will enhance nutrition


Old, stressed, ill, fatigued, and convalescent dogs


High performance athletic animals with high nutrient demands


Mix well with food. If food is dry, dampen with warm water after mixing. Allow to stand for 5 - 10 minutes to allow pre-digestion to commence before feeding.
One measure (6 g) mixed through each 300 g of dry food or each 700 g of tinned food, meat or stew, daily.


750 g tub


Store below 25°C (Air Conditioning). Store in dry place. Replace lid tightly after use.

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