Sow Reproduction Symposium - Berlin, 18-19th April

Managing sow reproduction to maximize the outcome of pig producers

Ceva is organizing a repro symposium in Berlin on the 18th and 19th of April under the theme : “Managing sow reproduction to maximize the outcome of pig producers”. The symposium will gather together prominent scientists, professionals and experts representing the most important swine producing areas in Europe.

Utilizing the reproductive potential of sows in an optimal way with a strong emphasis on welfare is an essential factor in the economic success of any pig farm in today’s highly competitive environment.

Organization of reproduction in large groups of animals requires the active involvement and co-operation of veterinarians and farmers in order to achieve the best performance of sows and their offspring.

 We wish to set up a unique event where information and experience among guests, key note speakers and the Ceva swine team will be shared to optimize current approaches to reproductive management.

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