Ceva to integrate NATURE VET into global operations - 5th July 2010

On July 2nd 2010, the Ceva Santé Animale group and the Australian company, Nature Vet Lt, signed an agreement in Sydney, finalizing the CEVA group’s acquisition of the Australian veterinary laboratory, specialized in the development and marketing of products...

Ceva had established its presence in Australia in 2007, with the acquisition of the company Delvet. With the acquisition of Nature Vet, the Ceva pharmaceutical company, amongst the top ten ranking worldwide, strengthens its position and becomes a major actor on a rapidly growing market, which, just like its economy, escaped the crisis.

Ceva had already targeted the companion animal sector as one of its main strategic axes of development. With the arrival of Nature Vet, the company will further strengthen its products portfolio, mainly in the equine range.

The Australian laboratory, a family company established in 1983, will benefit from the worldwide presence of Ceva in 45 other countries, to considerably widen its market.

For the past ten year the CEVA group has been purchasing family companies that share their own entrepreneurial spirit, a spirit that Ceva continues to value, by giving its new collaborators the opportunity to evolve within an international environment.

Marc Prikazsky, CEO of Ceva, welcomed his future Australian co-workers by emphasising this inherent family spirit:

" We welcome Nature Vet, their team, and its values which correspond perfectly to those of the Ceva family. The Nature Vet integration into the Ceva group means that we will have the right people, with the right products to become a major player in both the companion animal and the equine sectors. We will ensure that in the future Nature Vet has the resources to continue to grow”.

An approach appreciated by Stephen Rose, nature Vet’s CEO “This is an exciting time for Nature Vet that will see the realisation of our vision for growth in market share and growth in the distribution of our products globally. More than anything, Ceva’s approach to integration provides us with the opportunity to carry on running the business in an entrepreneurial way while strengthening our competitive position.” 


Nature Vet has its origins in a successful equine veterinary practice which operated in Australia during the 1970s. In order to provide high quality, specialised veterinary products for their equine patients, two of the vets (Dr. G. A. Rose and Dr. L. Whatmore) enlisted the aid of an innovative chemist to form a manufacturing company called RWR.

In 1983, Drs. Rose and Whatmore formed a separate company, Nature Vet Pty. Ltd., to develop new, natural products. In 1986, RWR was separated from the veterinary practice, and in 1988 this company was amalgamated with Nature Vet. Dr. Gerry Rose and his wife, Helen, assumed full control of Nature Vet in 1995.

During 1999, Nature Vet acquired Biochemical Veterinary Research Pty. Ltd., which expanded the product range and key academic research and development relationships.

The Company continued its expansion, and in 2002 consolidated its activities in a new facility at Glenorie, a northwest suburb of Sydney, Australia. This site is a GMP accredited facility with sufficient potential to continue the Company's planned expansion.

The origins of Nature Vet in an equine veterinary practice reflected a close relationship between the Company, the veterinarian and the equine patient



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